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From Loss to Resilience, a Path to Freedom

Five ways loss can longtime profoundly impact your life:

  • A state of Numbness and Disbelief
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Resentment (and Blame or Anger)
  • Grief

From losing a spouse or a loved one close to you or a breakup with a partner, or an unexpected serious illness in you or a family member and how that impacts your life, or maybe the loss of a beloved job or unexpected loss of income, like many have experienced in the last two years. The list can go on and on. Maybe your children left home, state, or country, or you moved to another place where you do not know anybody. Mainly when there are many different types of losses on top of each other in one’s life, the impact is accumulating, and this will always show up with some or all of the above. Of course, even when this is a natural response to the demanding situations we face in our lives. Some of these symptoms may linger for years with negative consequences, which will prevent us from taking appropriate actions when life asks that from us.

When you feel ready to change the impact of the losses in your life, you might come to a place of willingness or acceptance, the healing will follow. You can find back your motivation and become resilient.

In other words, the loss is now an actual opportunity for GROWTH!

Loss can also expand your awareness enormously and bring a larger capacity for compassion.

Find Clarity

Like you, first and foremost, I am a human being with countless experiences that continue to shape life with beautiful highs and devastating lows. These extremes, coupled with my background in the Journey, Emotional Health Counseling, Trauma work and Mindfulness allow me to challenge and guide clients while relating to their struggles.

I find the Journey method as a working tool in my practice very helpful.

Becoming Resilient

Even with us human beings one could describe resilience as a form of bouncing back. Back to what?

Internally: Back to a general place of wellbeing, with our mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically experience in general and even further specified with our hormones, nervous system, gut microbiome etc.  All the way to how our cells function and interact with each other.

Externally: On the outside of our world, our environment!  And also how we live, who is present in our lives, our jobs, financial situation, free time, the list goes on and on.

We are a completely interactive system informed by our out and inside simultaneously.

Be Mindful & Healthy

The importance of Mindfulness and Compassion along the way.

Mindfulness has many different flavors these days and is almost a common household name, which is great!

As a long term meditator combined with my former yoga teaching practice and long term experience with Haptonomy- the science of touch, a deeply embodied Mindfulness practice seems to be very helpful with getting in touch with what’s going on in the body, regulating the breath, calming the nervous system and has great results quickly. Many more benefits when practiced on regular basis.

If we want a more meaningful relationship with our world, Compassion enables us to step into our own natural capacity for creativity and empathy.

Have Impact!

Through self mastery, by removing unconscious beliefs, by finally stopping the self sabotage and self doubt.

Start to live up to your own expectations.

To look in the mirror and be able to say to yourself:
this is who I really am, I am living my full potential.

With my long time experience and expertise and your wisdom and inner knowing, we create a solution towards a desired tailor made outcome and transformation.

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“Els and I have been doing Journey work together for several months, every two weeks. She has served as both a Journey Practitioner and Coach. When we started, I set a specific goal – to completely heal from a serious neurological illness, so that I could once again fly small planes after passing the medical check to do so. My specific vision has been taking off in a Cessna 152 by myself – something that brings me great joy!

The results of our work together have been profound and long lasting. I have been able to move beyond major limitations in my thinking and in my heart. These openings are slowly allowing the natural healing of my physical body.

Els is masterful at intuitively knowing where to start (our work relationship is fluid with deep trust) and then her guidance is laser-like, with precision, but never with a heavy hand. It feels like she brings a lifetime of experience to each moment, doing what feels right for both of us. It feels seamless. Our work together is also never without good humor and lightness. I highly recommend Els for this important life-changing work and I feel blessed to have found her.”

Eva Cahill, May 2023

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