Why Self Care?

by | Jul 19, 2023

It is three years today that my dear husband and best friend David passed away.

No regrets, a beautiful passing, and lots of fond memories. And at this time, feelings of loss and remembering are here. Even with more distance in the time/space continuum, it hits me like a brick again. Which surprises me, and also I accept completely.

Today a self-care manual seems appropriate.

Life is a lot friendlier when I have all my self-care protocols in place.
Feel free to book a free consultation with me. If you like to be supported in your self-care.

There is so much more we can do.

Self-Care Definition

We do any activity deliberately to improve our mental, emotional, and physical growth. Activities that nourish and nourish us to stay balanced in body, mind, and spirit, keeping us fit and resilient during physical or emotional stress.

  • Get enough sleep – Not enough sleep can drain you emotionally and physically
  • Hydrate – In the morning before you caffeinate and throughout the day
  • Healthy eating – What kind of fuel supports your energy and growth?
  • Physical activity – Work this into your daily or weekly plan
  • Connection with others – People are the most important thing in our lives
  • Saying no! and being assertive – be true to yourself and your needs
  • Relaxing – Take time to do what you enjoy or what refuels you
  • Reducing stress – Be aware of what causes stress/work with a coach or therapist

Basic Self Care:

Take some time….

  • Spend a few minutes regularly to care for your own needs (like putting your oxygen mask on first before helping someone else.) How much time do you have to support your well-being?
  • To be selfless, we must be selfish enough to recharge ourselves.
  • There are many ways to take time for yourself; what recharges you?
  • Take a walk, yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, take an art class, journal, or something else?
  • It could simply be taking a shower to wash off the work day before engaging with family

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott.

Evaluate and Identify

What Nourishes You?

  • At home
  • At work
  • Experiences/Activities • Which people?
  • What inspires you?

What Depletes You?

  • At home
  • At work
  • Experiences/Activities
  • Past/current trauma
  • Which people?

Recognizing what depletes you can help you be more strategic.

Just say no to negativity.

Everyone is negative sometimes; help by reframing where you can. Some are always negative; who are these people in your life?

You can’t always eliminate the people and things in your life that are negative –

  • Limit your exposure, or distance yourself from negative or unsupportive people.
  • Surround yourself with positive, supportive people.

Ask for help when you need it

This can mean many things – What does it mean to you?

What would help you love what you do? Choose meaning over passion! New evidence reveals that people who look for purpose and meaning are more successful —and less likely to quit their jobs than those who look for love and joy.

A rewarding career is more about doing what’s important to you. Passion can fade. Meaning lasts. Remember that even meaningful work isn’t enough in a toxic environment.

Does your work energize you or deplete you?

Choose Happiness

Happiness does not just appear and land on you like a butterfly – you must cultivate, grow, and fight for it.

Create your happiness!

Don’t make it someone else’s responsibility to make you happy or base your happiness on external circumstances like a job, material possessions, or other people.

“No medicine cures what happiness cannot.” Gabriel García Márquez

Be you!


  • Have an attitude of gratitude –
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Forgive and be open-hearted
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Choose a positive attitude/perspective/mindset
  • Invest in your happiness- spend time on what brings you joy