Article 1 Applicability
The general conditions are applicable to all verbal and written offers and contracts including all actions, such as, the preparation and execution of the agreed upon terms of the contract.

Article 2: Description of CONSCIOUS BEING
Conscious Being LLC focuses on training, coaching and workshops within the field of personal development in the broadest, most comprehensive way. Conscious Being LLC is registered in Salem, OR as a limited partnership #

Article 3 Definitions
Conscious Being, a Contractor, is the one who uses these general conditions when offering her services. The Client is the business, individuals, or entity that makes use of the services of Conscious Being. The Procedure for the mutual agreement between both parties will occur after the first intake about the assignment by Conscious Being. Then after the intake there will be a written confirmation of the agreements by Conscious Being, which must be signed and returned to Conscious Being by the client.

Article 4 Execution of the Contract (Agreement)
1. Conscious Being will execute the agreement with the best qualifications and abilities possible. Conscious Being will prepare thoroughly and competently. However, Conscious Being cannot be held responsible for the end results.
2. Upon the Client(s) acknowledging this contract, Conscious Being gives its permission to give out her personal information, such as her phone number.

The Client will supply all the information that Conscious Being requires as requested by her in order to execute the contract as agreed upon. If this is not received in a timely fashion then Conscious Being can write to cancel the contract.

Article 5 Prices and Offers
All offers and prices quoted by Conscious Being are non-committal, i.e. not fixed, and will be due within 30 days from the first intake. Offers are based on the available knowledge of Conscious Being.

As soon as the agreement is signed by the client or initial deposit has been paid  accepted by Conscious Being then the contract commences.

The contract price agreement may also include: hiring a third party, renting accommodations, travel expenses, etc.

Article 6 Payments Conditions
In case of workshops/or hiring for a business:
1. Billing will take place,/deposit needs to be paid through PayPal or other bank as mentioned in the contract and needs to be paid within 14 days of the invoice.
2. In the case that the client does not pay Conscious Being as stated, then Conscious Being has the right to discontinue the assignment and/or seek damages through legal services which the client will pay for.
3. In case of eventual objections of the invoice by the Client, the Client must give Conscious Being written notice within 14 days.

Article 7 Duration and End of the Contract (Termination)
The agreement between both parties can be ended by either party or prolonged.

When a termination occurs that does not relieve the Client of their financial obligation to Conscious Being.

Article 8.1 Cancellation of the Client for an open workshop or training
If Client cancels up to four weeks prior to workshop, then Client pays 40% of the cost of the workshop; in other words, 60% of cost will be returned to the Client (if they have already paid 100% of the cost).

Cancellation within four weeks of, or during a workshop, or being a no- show, the Client pays the full amount of the cost the workshop.

Article 8.2 Cancellation by Conscious Being
Conscious Being, the Contractor, has the right to cancel coaching, training, or workshops without explanation, or may refuse any client. The Contractor obligates herself to give written confirmation and will reimburse 100% of the money already paid by the Client. From that moment on, any mutual obligations will end.

Article 9
In case coaching/journey Client needs cancelation, this needs to be done  24-48 hours before the appointment.

24 hours in case of emergency, and in general 48 hours otherwise payments are still due.

Article 10 Confidentiality
Both parties have an obligation to maintain confidentiality about everything that is being discussed during all coaching, workshop, training sessions and/or assignments.

When there is any impending danger for a client or society, Conscious Being has the right to break confidentiality and to inform the appropriate authorities.

Article 11: Liability
The Contractor, Conscious Being, does not accept any liability for damage experienced during, or in connection with services rendered by her..