highly effective heartfelt coaching services in personal & business affairs

Find Clarity

Like you, first and foremost, I am a human being with countless experiences that continue to shape life with beautiful highs and devastating lows. These extremes, coupled with my background in the Journey, Emotional Health Counseling, Trauma work and Mindfulness allow me to challenge and guide clients while relating to their struggles.

I find the Journey method as a working tool in my practice very helpful.

Be Mindful & Healthy

In your life or your business I would love to work with you as a personal transformational Coach and Mindfulness based Practitioner to deepen connection, explore healthy communication, allow mindfulness and wellness on the workfloor.

Everybody benefits and we can all do it!

Have Impact!

With my long time experience and expertise and your wisdom and inner knowing, we create a solution towards a desired tailor made outcome and transformation.