The Journey

Provides you with a path towards exploring and clearing any (old) unhealthy patterns and behaviors. By eliminating these root causes, positive effects in many area’s of life will occur, from seemingly miraculous healings, to experience more satisfying relationships and living your intended dream life.

Journey Process

One-on-One Session (90 min)

50% OFF Regular Price

We go deep and this will be a transformational experience.

“If you minimize more and simplify more, and try to draw your attention more inside yourself, you’ll find that you’re no longer that same self. That will change one person and that will change society – and that will change our carbon footprint.” – Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

“She is a highly intuitive advisor with a focus on unearthing and understanding your emotions as a gateway to healing and personal transformation. My work with her instilled a deep sense of awareness and confidence. I highly recommend Els as a partner in your journey.”

Dawn U, Portland Oregon

“Your caring and desire to help the people you work with , (Love in other words), your patience and calmness, and your Presence with the person. I see you offering substantial value to others in any environment where these qualities are needed, which can be anything you choose, because it’s all about human relationships.”

Isabel M.