Did you know…

by | Mar 31, 2022

Did you know that lack of sleep causes: 
lack of well being
decreased immunity
disorder of hormonal balance
emotional imbalance
serious injuries caused by drowsiness 
is actually the cause of 8000 car deaths in the USA, and 80.000 people yearly nod out in the car

and improved sleep will give you :
better health
increased immunity
better memory
ADH hormones in bones and muscles
an increased healing response
a general sense of well being

Helpful to improve your sleep is always 
a totally dark room including those little light points
a cool room
time to wind down at night for at least an hour.
Set a regular time to go to bed and get up.
attention on your breathing and calmly focus on your in and out-breath as it naturally occurs.
keeping a gratitude journal at night.

I recently * learned that melatonin, an over-the-counter aid often used for jetlags, is safe to use long-term for sleeping aid, just take 1mg instead of 3 or 5 mg.
It will even enhance your immune system and bring brighter dreams and has no side effects known.

Insomnia, I suffered a lot of that as a child, and it stayed with me as an adult for a very long time.

In my early childhood, several kinds of intense traumatic events were unset of the not sleeping.

Nightmares, when I slept, would wake me up as well when I did sleep.

It is debilitating, feeling always too tired, more anxious, a vicious circle that seemed hard to break.

Becoming a Yoga teacher, and also starting to meditate did make a huge change. Also, I had a lovely partner to crawl against was helpful.

It did not totally resolve insomnia completely though.

That was cured when David, my loving second husband, who would sit up with me when having a nightmare, made us a cup of herbal tea which we drank in our kitchen until I calmed down.

Sleep came natural and became relaxed and full after only a couple of midnight times in the kitchen.

The love and total acceptance I felt by him made me relax inside my body enough to find a healthy sleep pattern.

In the last 2  years, some insomnia started to come back, up to a point where it felt out of control again spiraling into fatigue, worry, unmanageability.

This time with Covid, wildfires, and having lost my husband after a long illness I had to “figure it out” on my own.

My Yoga practice and meditation alone were not enough. A little herbal remedy was not enough. It all helped and still woke up again in the middle of the night not being able to find the rest I needed.

So talked to a colleague * who is specialized in sleep. In only 20 minutes we found the remedy.!

Go back in your memory to those moments in the kitchen with David 20 plus years ago and remember how that made you feel. 

Because you will link your nervous system to his and just see what happens.

From that moment on sleep has been consistent and pleasant again.

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