Pause – The Importance of Stepping Back Occasionally

by | Dec 27, 2021

The one thing that Covid has given us is a need to reflect very carefully to what life is truly presenting to us.

Life can change from one second to the other and we all know that in theory and for the obvious reason -because who likes life to change into the wrong direction-? We simply like to ignore this as much as we can… That seems to be a very general human condition.

We are now being asked on so many levels to be more honest with ourselves.

Maybe you experienced some heartbreak or have had health challenges in your selves or one of your loved ones or you have fear because of the weather change.

Whatever the cause of the distress , Covid, climate change, racial issues, warzones, hunger, family , inequalities , financial insecurity,. It can be totally overwhelming. Feeling.


We have approximately between 50.000-70.000 thoughts a day. That is a lot.

When the thoughts we carry are not very uplifting, our brain will go automatically into what is called “Our negativity bias”. It will not see our life as a glass half full, but experiences the glass as half empty instead ! In other words we will experience life with much more negativity.

That gives our brain problems, we start to feel threatened, our hormones change more into a fight or flight mode, through signals from the amygdala, the body and nervous system are now on high alert. It is the opposite of what one needs or wants in a difficult moment.

Even when this is a very beautiful and highly intelligent system designed to protect us which is so admirable.

But It still feels horrible, the brain stops thinking clearly, the body is so nervous and upset and going on for too long this will even lead to illness.

When presented with serious life challenges we better need the positive or at least find an objective viewpoint. In order to make choices that are required.

How can we do that?

One simple way is to just pause, step immediately back from the situation, when you notice that you are not clear.

Go for a walk, find a quiet place or even retreat to the bathroom.

Now take some deep diaphragmatic belly breaths. Feel your surroundings with all your senses, smell, colors, temperature, forms, etc and that will bring you more into the present moment. (because our perceived threads are very often future perceived thoughts based on the past events that we went through).

When you feel more calm and present you can go back to the situation you were facing. Or you can decide -feeling still upset in the physical body-that this will require more time and you can total withdrawal from a situation.

Does this mean you walk away from your responsibilities?

No, actually the opposite.

By giving your body a chance to re-calibrate it’s own nervous system, you are doing everybody a favor. Because you are not any longer spreading negativity around (neurons that wire together- fire together).

Your prefrontal cortex, where the healthy decisions are made, will start functioning again as soon as you are out of the fight, flight mode.

You will start have positive feelings again.

Solutions are much easier made this way and those that will have a long lasting beneficial impact.

All the answers are within us if we are willing to listen carefully to ourselves in a different way.