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by | Apr 10, 2023

Nadi Reading

3,000 years ago, enlightened sages, through the help of Lord Shiva, gained the power of clairvoyance. These Maharishis used their divine powers to tap into the Akashic Records, look into the future, and predict the lives of millions of people. Their insights were put down on dried Palm Leaves. These Palm Leaves are stored in archives and libraries in India. Your Palm Leaf was written specifically to answer the most important questions about your life: Karma, Obstacles, Children, Destiny, Partnership, Career, and Health. Our institute Indian Palm Leaf Reading, was founded so people can search for their Leaf without traveling to India.

30 years ago

My then-partner Jonathan had spent two years in India.

He told me after his return this amazing fairytale story about PalmLeafs written just for him thousands of years ago, how on his thumbprint only this booklet had been found and accurately described everything about his life. It felt a little scary, to be honest, and also very intriguing.

I never forgot it, though; I just never so far landed in India.

When I received an email from someone I trusted 100% with a rapport about the beautiful reading she had received on Zoom, I immediately signed up myself. It took about two months after sending in my thumbprint, and then yes, they had found a possible matching booklet. I could book a matching and reading appointment.

At that time, I was going through a huge life transition and wanted answers on how to proceed, whether I was on the right path, etc. All that and much more was revealed without even having to ask questions. For me, it brought a lot of confirmation and insight. Also, being in awe of this ancient knowledge, wisdom, and the integrity of handling it all.

The two Indian readers, one translating ancient Tamil, a language that no longer exists, and the moderator helped me understand the process and to be at ease (the whole process took 3.5 hours!).

A life-changing experience for me.

Afterward, the pooja process (energetic healing/prayers) helped ease the path and brought me closer to myself and my destiny. I highly recommend it when you are serious in your search for life. Feel free to call me on how to do this, CLICK HERE to Schedule a FREE Consultation.

Career, Partner, Health, Children, Obstacles, Karma, and Destiny will be addressed.

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